Holiday homes abroad aren’t always bathed in endless sunshine. When the rain falls it often comes in torrents, finding its way inside, to wreck decorations and the contents of the home. Waterproofing  walls and balconies can  in most cases be done using easy to use products.
Waterproofing walls that are of unpainted natural brick or stone can be treated with a siloxane based water repellent which will prevent further water penetration, whilst allowing the walls to “breathe” and residual moisture to escape as vapour.
Waterproofing previously painted walls is easily done using Acrylic Clear Penetrating Sealant. Acrylics are extremely tough, penetrating and sealing small cracks and fissures. Acrylic Sealants have been used on properties from Spain to Bulgaria ( see testimonials ) and has resisted both extremes of high and low temperatures.
Whichever waterproofing solution you choose, they can be easily applied with a low pressure garden sprayer.
Waterproofing balconies can often be easily done without having to remove existing tiles etc. Some acrylic sealants are transparent, and penetrate cracks or holes to prevent further water penetration. As with waterproofing walls, a low pressure sprayer is ideal for this type of application.
Properties are sometimes built into the side of hills, often resulting in water penetration into semi-basement rooms. These rooms are often designed as garages, and utility rooms. Whatever the use, water penetration results in damp, mould growth, and degradation of the things stored in the room. Cement based slurry systems for waterproofing walls and floors are easy to use, and resist water penetration even when it is under pressure.
These  products are generally non-flammable and non-hazardous, and are therefore safe to ship from the UK, and for DIY use. Many customers choose to have the product delivered to a friend or relation in the UK for subsequent collection when they next visit :
Freephone: 0800 083 3289 (Mon – Fri 09.00am – 06.00pm)
Telephone: 01323 479578 (24 hours – Emergencies only)
Email: Enquiries@abacusconstructionproducts.co.uk
Web: www.abacusconstructionproducts.co.uk



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