Motoring in France
With half term in mind as well as spring not being too far away, we hope, here are some reminders about driving in France:

Breathalyser kits are compulsory and can be bought at the channel ports or Halfords.

Warning devices, (sat navs etc.) for speed cameras are banned and their use can mean a substantial fine.

It is compulsory to have a high visibility jacket in the car, which must be visible from the outside.

A warning triangle must be carried should you be unfortunate enough to have an accident or breakdown.

Apart from these laws, a number of new measures have been announced by the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, to improve road safety:

Zero tolerance on alcohol for young drivers the legal limit reduced to .2 mg/ml which equates to less than a half pint of beer.

Mobile phones. The use of earphones, headsets and hands-free kits to be banned.

Tinted windows are to be banned.

There will be more two way facing speed cameras to catch drivers travelling in both directions.

Parking not to be permitted close to pedestrian crossings.


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