New Year and some new laws in France.

The price of diesel is going up by one centime and the price of petrol being reduced by one centime. This should remove some of the price advantage that diesel, considered more of a pollutant, has had over petrol.

If you drive in Paris you will have to have a vignette to indicate how polluting your car is. When the pollution levels are very high, you may need to leave your car at home.

I have mentioned this before, but it there is now a ban on vehicles having tinted front windows – windscreen and front side windows.

Talking of vehicles autoroute tolls are set to rise by an average of .8%.

There is now a ban on fruit and vegetables being sold in plastic bags. Shopkeepers must use biodegradable paper for example.

Finally – cigarette cartons must be in plain packaging and any that flout the law will be banned.


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