Newsletter no. 23

Newsletter No. 23


Paris – the city of light and love. Normandy with beautiful countryside, superb cheeses and calvados. Brittany with Celtic traditions and a long coastline with many towns and villages serving the best of seafood dishes. Aquitaine steeped in history with troglodyte caves, beautiful chateaux and superb vineyards producing exceptional wines. The Languedoc, now part of the Occitanie Region, with good weather, superb seaside resorts offering all manner of water sports and activities. Provence with fine weather, a beautiful coastline including Nice and Cannes and inland Provence with old cities and towns rich in history. The Alps for winter and summer sports, and not forgetting the Loire with it’s beautiful chateaux.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of places or features, but wherever you are heading you will find a rich diversity of history, landscapes, traditions and gastronomy.

Buying.  Brexit has created some uncertainty amongst potential buyers, but we hope and expect that the negotiations will offer British citizens continuing rights to live in France as well as for the French coming to the U.K.

For that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’  France is the only place to go!

The Pound / Euro exchange rates. To put the exchange rate into perspective it is worth noting that between the years 2008 and 2013 the average exchange rate was 1.18 € / £; in 2014 – 1.24; 2015 – 1.38; and 2016 – 1.22. This year it stands at about 1.16 – so maybe the year 2015 in particular was an exception not likely to be repeated.

The Foremost Currency Group will give a good rate of exchange and for the time being prices in many areas are still low, although rising in a few places.

French Laws. A new law requires children aged 12 and under to use a helmet if riding a bicycle.

 Bizarre French laws if travelling by train: It is illegal to carry live snails on a French high-speed train unless they have a ticket!
All kissing on the platform must be done before the train arrives in order that amorous couples do not delay train departures.

Holiday rentals. Whilst we specialise in the sale of French property, we are happy to suggest certain agents who have holiday rentals, not forgetting our friends at Anglo French Properties – who have some of the finest exclusive properties for rental.

Easter in France.  Good Friday is not a public holiday, but Easter Monday is.






French Property Market showing signs of recovery.

From one of our sources: The property market in France is showing signs of recovering well with prices in key cities up across the country and demand growing but elections ahead could slow down the upturn. The latest data shows that prices in Paris increased by 1.2% month on month in February and by 2.3% in Bordeaux while in Lyon they were up 5.4% year on year. The figures from one estate agent also show annual price growth of 2% in Marseille, Montpellier and Toulouse and a rise of 1% in Strasbourg, Lille and Nice. Indeed, in Bordeaux and Lyon prices are now close to their previous peak. The rise in prices is not across the board, with rural areas not seeing the current rise in values. Only good quality properties in urban areas that are close to transport, schools and shops are sought after. The upward momentum is not yet seen in rural areas or in the second homes market.